Hello and welcome to our website! At Market Research Dallas, we strive to provide the best studies to our participants, and the best participants for our clients.
Our lounges are more than comfortable, equipped with wireless access and satellite TV.  We may be called Market Research Dallas, but our studies take place all across the country.We hope you come to meet us and find a study that’s perfect for you!

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We’re located about 10 miles from both DFW Airport and Love Field.

Market Research Dallas
2723 Valley View Lane
Dallas, Texas 75234
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innovative solutions for challenging research nationwide

About Us

Market Research Dallas (formerly Market Research & Analysis of Dallas) is committed to cost-effectively meeting the needs of our clients through professional, seamless, and on-time market research services. We are:

  • based in Dallas, Texas
  • a full-service strategic market research firm
  • a full-service clinical/medical research recruiter
  • multi-cultural — offering Hispanic, African American, and Asian research services
  • known for our ability to handle challenging projects
  • successful in serving our clients’ needs throughout the world
  • an active member of the Market Research Association
  • versatile A/V capable — multi-camera, translations, webcasting, satellite uplinks, DVD recording, and more. Including our newest offering: 1080i (HDTV), 1920×1080
  • on-site owners/managers of our own 5500 sq. ft. building
  • the closest Dallas facility to both DFW and Love Field airports
  • conveniently located in the North Dallas business corridor
  • only minutes from world-famous Galleria shopping

All kinds of projects. We are renowned for recruiting! You can expect: complex projects which involve Hispanic, national multicultural ethnography, and 50-city+ nationwide intercept studies. We have the ability to handle smoking studies, equipped with two ventilation systems, ionizers, and smokeless ashtrays. We recruit for a wide variety of clinical/medical studies.

Long term happy clients. Owner-managed and operated, we take personal pride in our work. 90+% of our customers are repeat clientele.

We are big enough to cover all of our clients’ needs — and small enough to care. We are also pleased to say: Our clients trust us!

Our Facility

The entry area of Market Research Dallas

Welcome. Our clients and study participants receive exemplary service immediately upon entering our facility. We currently utilize 2 large viewing rooms, both with their own client viewing rooms. Individual kitchen circuitry accommodates any type of taste test.
The latest technology. We offer a state-of-the-art audio/video room that contains up-to-date equipment with backup systems. Recording available in MP3, MP4, and HD, and recorded on flash drives, DVDs or audio tapes for easy take-away. We also offer three T1 lines and 45 computers for respondents, in addition to video streaming with interactive chat. We support all formats and standards.
We can provide archival copies in Blu-ray, Betacam and Betacam SP, VHS and S-VHS, NTSC, PAL and PAL-M, SECAM, and DVD formats.
FocusVisionWe also proudly offer the FocusVision VideoStreaming™ service (along with our own video quality sharing and interactive chat) which enables you to view live focus groups from the convenience of your computer — in the office, at home or wherever you have an Internet connection. With an unlimited number of viewers allowed, colleagues anywhere in the world can view projects live or on-demand.
Increase participation in your research projects while saving both time and money on travel. Video streaming transmission services mean that everyone isn’t required to travel to every focus group, every time in order to be involved in the strategic planning process. Instead, bring the focus group right into your office — and increase the visibility of market research in your corporate culture and decision-making.